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ExploreMyIndia   is a collection of resources pertaining to India, right from its ancient era to the present age. These resources have been portrayed under different categories. You can choose any one of these categories by clicking over the pictures as per the topic of your interest as shown above and browse to know more about them. These topics present information and articles in a most selective and cohesive manner. They are meant to enhance your knowledge and uncover the insight view. Please Explore My Incredible India Today through this panel.

'Movement Against Misleading India' provides historical facts which has misled India. We strongly believe that various facets of true India has been distorted and manipulated by the concerned agencies and groups to suit their interest. It is thus our endeavor to set them right and to bring the TRUTH before the general masses of India and the world. Likewise on different topics, you will find such resourceful information at length. Any person, group, society or organisation who at any point of time finds any material, content or information, presented here objectionable, he or she may bring forth the same to our notice. We promise that suitable remedial action, if needed, will be surely undertaken.