Famous Spiritual Gurus of Hinduism


10 Famous Spiritual Gurus of Hinduism in India

Indian has been World Guru since the time immemorial in spiritualism and India has been the home for many famous spiritual gurus. ‘Sanatana Dharma’ is perhaps the oldest religion of this great mother earth from which the present days ‘Hinduism’ is derived. With war ravaged Mahabharata period, it is believed that there has been gross decline of this great religion and slowly it shrinked in the perimeters of the present days India. Many great religion like ‘Budhism’,  ‘Jainism’, ‘Sikhism’ can be traced back to originate from this great religion called ‘Sanatana Dharma’. Even other religion like ‘Christianity’ and ‘Islam’ can find their foot prints in ‘Sanatana Dharma’. With this derivation in the background, I am going to deliberate upon the briefs of  10 Famous Spiritual Gurus of Hinduism in India. They were the torch bearer and the great echelons of Hinduism.
Spiritual Gurus
An Indian Saint

Adi Shankaracharya

His Holiness Adi Shankara is the torch bearer and one of the famous spiritual gurus of India. He was born in the early 9th century AD in Kaladi village of Kerala. He mastered the knowledge of Vedas,Purans and Upanishad at a very early age of eight years and became philosophical spiritual gurus of the masses who traveled length and breadth of the country to propagate the Hindus philosophy. His illustrious writings include Atmabodha, Vivekachdamani and Saudaryalahari etc and various commentaries on Bhagvad Gita, Brahmasutra etc. In the paradoxical world of then prevalent Islam he revived Hinduism and established Shakara Matths and strated the tradition of Shankaracharya. Unfortunately he could not live a very long life and at the early age of just 32 years renounced the world. There is absolutely no parallel to the life of Adi Shankara in propagating, reviving and reestablishing Hinduism in India.


As a devout proponent of Bhakti movement in 10th century Ramanuja succeeded his teacher Yamunamuni to steer and lead the followers. He traveled extensively various parts of India and finally got settled at Srirangam. He was the founder of Visistadvaita Suddgabta and propounded Karma, Gyan and Bhakti as three important ingredients of the ultimate Sakvation. His famous scriptures include Sribasya and Gitabhasya. He is regarded yet another one of the famous spiritual gurus of India.

Acharya Vallabhacharya

During end of 14th century, As founder of Suddhadvaita Vedanta (Pure non-dualism) and Pustimarga (the path of grace), he established the famous school of thought called ‘Rudra Sampradaya’ in Varanasi. He preached that Salvation can only be achieved through Sneha (deep rooted love for God). He wrote several books and the very prominent ones include Subodhini and Siddhant Rahasya.


During 15th century, Ramananda was yet another great saint of Bhakti movement of northern India. Born in Allahabad (Prayag) he prophesied that Bhakti any person irrespective of religion, caste, creed or sex can achieve the ultimate salvation. He preached love and brotherhood amongst his followers. His disciples included legendary Kabir who was a Muslim weaver, Raidasa who was cobbler, Sena who was a barber, Sadhana who was a butcher and the Pipa who was a prince of a state. He was very famous across the society for his wisdom and preaching.

Chaitanya Dev

Chaitanya (1485-1534) was the greatest follower of Bhakti movement and adored Lord Krishna. He was born in Navadip village, a tiny island in West Bengal. His childhood and original name was Vishwmbhar Mishra. He propounded the school of Achintaya Bheda Bhedavada and preached Lord Krishna as Hari the supreme being for salvation. He is known as one of the Famous Spiritual Gurus of India. During his last days he had settled at Puri in Orissa.


Yet another legend of Bhakti movement and the great propounder, Mirabai was married to the Rana Sanga, the eldest son of famous king Bhojraj during 1516. She was an ardent follower of Lord Krishna and followed the cult of Vaishanavism. She has composed serveral Bhakti song which is recited even today with devotion.


A great devotee of Lord Shri Ram and the famous writer of Ramcharitmanas which is the Hindi version of legendary Ramayana. Tulasidas (1532-1623) brought Ramayana to every homes of Hindu by his simplistic presentations and meaningful orations. His another creations include Vinaya-Patrika and Kavitavali.

Sant Dariya Saheb

At a time when Mughal empire was crumbling of its follies and the British empire was consolidating its feet, Sant Dariya Saheb was born in 1679 in the Rohatas district of Bihar. At the very young age of 20 yrs he mastered various religious books, Veda, Puranas and Upanishad and started preaching ritualism, plythesm and false doctrines.  He stressed upon his followers to practice, vegetarianism, faith in Gurus and learn to live amicably in spite of the difference of religion, caste or creed. His famous compositions are better known as Sabad who enlightened the people about the oneness of God.

Swami Vivekananda

Born in the year 1863, in Calcutta Swami Vivekanand known as Narendra in his childhood became disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa at an very early age. He mastered various spiritual books, learnt the art of preaching and teaching and took over the managing duties of the mutt at Belur, Howrah, West Bengal. He traveled the length and breadth of India and delivered his famous lecture at Chicago at the conference of the world religions, in America when he became famous world around. He stressed the youth upon building character and to be compassionate. He died at a very early age of just 39 yrs.

Swami Prabhupada

He was known as Abhaya Charan De who changed his name to Swami Prabhupada when he renounced the world after taking Sanyas at the age of 50 yrs. Born in a family of Vaishanvites, he had developed great spiritual attachment towards Radha Krishna and at the age of 28 yrs he became disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Goswami Maharaji. He travelled various parts of India and preached and propagated messages of Lord Krishna. At the age of 69 he went to America to spread Krishna Consciousness. In spite of his initial difficulties he was accepted by the large masses over there and millions of followers followed him world around. He translated 30 volumes of Bhagawat Gita into English. He established Vaishnava tradition and spearheaded ISKCON movement. With his immense contribution to the Hinduism and efforts to propogate it to world wide he is remembered as one of the Famous Spiritual Gurus of India.

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