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The ‘Explore My India’ Blog site was founded in July 2015 by RS Pandey and is being run on main domain https://www.exploremyindia.in. Under the banner of  ‘Explore My India’, we are running total seven blogs by different names on our sub domains. They are ‘Movement Against Misleading India’, ‘Funny Vines World’, ‘Ancient Indian Medicine’, ‘Computer Tips & Tricks’, ‘Fascinating Fashion India’, ‘Homoeopathy in India’ and ‘Learning Child’. Its purpose is to capture, notify, propagate and to allow the masses to be aware of different facets of India from its past to present days and the world scenario.
The Indian Culture, Heritage, Philosophy, Ethos, Customs and its History can be discussed in this Blog in relation to the existing conditions of India and the World. This Blog will serve as a forum and venue for the discussion of given topics in the blog i.e Movement Against Misleading India. We expect users of the blog to deliberate upon the given topics and to dwell upon various facets of it.
Materials posted on this blog may have references and courtesy submissions from various sources like books, articles, literature, news broadcasts and papers, project papers, collections from electronic media and various such sources. They are meant for generating awareness and enthuse people to ponder over the truth. In any case, they are not meant to demean any individual, group or community.

We have posted this blog by using services of WordPress.org and do not intend to use any cookies designed by us for any purpose. However, it is brought to the notice of all concerned that we do use certain services of google like Google Analytics and AdSense cookies etc.   If any cookies which are integral part of blogger.com, google or any browsers towards their services and to which we don’t have any control or knowledge, we affirm that we may not be held responsible for it. However any mischief or objection pertaining to our site, which obviously we do not practice, if is discovered at any stage by some one, the same may be brought to our notice for any desired corrective measures.

Any and every individual who has an interest on the given subjects is free to present his views and comments. This blog is meant to serve as a floor to meet all such aspirations.

A brief profile of the owner and operator of the site is appended below:

E-mail: info@exploremyindia.in
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I am 52 years old, served under Government of India for 26 years and after retirement presently working as a consultant in an MNC. I am experienced in the various facets of life by my service, education and works. Zeal of learning had prompted me to acquire multi disciplinary education in  my career. Having initially graduated from Botony, Zoology and Anthropology, with time, acquired degrees in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering, degree in Law, Master degrees in Public Administration, Computer Science, Diplomas in Human Resource Management, Advance Management and Certifications in Oracle & Networking etc. Education has helped me to understand basic concepts of these disciplines in right perspective. Now I feel that this is the time for me to share my understanding with my friends, masses and fellow citizens of this great earth. In view of this background I have prompted upon writing blogs on varied topics and subjects. In no way, I claim it to be the best one in the field, authentic and without any errors. It is sheer an attempt to spread knowledge & information understood or collected from various sources with my cognition on the given topics. Please go through our blogs and annotate freely your views, comments and advice. Thanks.